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Dehydrated Beef Tripe – 60g

(8 customer reviews)

HeroDogTreats™ – Dehydrated Beef Tripe 60g
Dehydrated Beef Tripe is enriched with healthy digestive enzymes, vitamins and amino acids.  Products made in Canada, by Canadians for Canadians.

  • 100% Canadian Beef Tripe
  • Single Ingredient Dehydrated Treat with No Preservatives
  • Very Popular Choice
  • Great for Digestion
  • Excellent Crunchy Training Treat

SKU: 627644002049

Product Code: HBT60


Dehydrated Beef Tripe – 60g (8 reviews )

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  1. Debra Steele

    Paws down favourite in our house. Easily broken into smaller pieces these would make excellent training treats. Unbroken attention when I get the bag out then come the drools. My dogs love it!

  2. Racheldavis

    I use these for training my shephard she LOVES them! Literally would do anything for these treats!

  3. pimathesamoyed (verified owner)

    My dog loves these so much! Just prepare for the smell when you open the package, it is tripes after all!

  4. petitepeet (verified owner)

    One of our favourite all-natural dog treats! I usually add these to a meal and my dog goes crazy for it! It’s the perfect training treat too!

  5. ErikaD

    This is amazing from training as the perfect high value treat. Also is wonderful as a bowl topper for those picky eaters!

  6. Homer

    Perfect treat to keep ur dog busy while you do something u can’t be bothered, my trick is when I mop

  7. 45zx (verified owner)

    At first, I was really taken aback by the smell but it’s honestly grown on me pretty quick! Just smells farmy now. I cut these up into smaller chunks for training. So far, these are my 10.5 week old puppy’s highest value treats (higher than cooked meat) so I’m only using them for her recall and resource guarding prevention exercises. I hope they’ll maintain their value for her so that I can keep them just for her recall once she’s too old for the resource guarding prevention exercises.

  8. aliciawillie (verified owner)

    2 paws up for this! our 1 year old Aussie is the most responsive to this treat, especially in a public setting. the fatty pieces make her visibly drool. definitely recommend.

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Nutrient Facts

Green Pasture Raised Beef Tripe

A couple things to note regarding this product are:

  • May contain hair and pieces of hay as this is from pasture raised green beef tripe
  • As the whole stomach lining is used you may find large fatty pieces.
  • A great treat for digestive health
  • Feeding Guide

    Excellent for any size dog, just break off a bite size piece and serve

    Effective crunchy training treat

    Packed with digestive enzymes, vitamins and amino acids for digestive health

    Dehydrated to preserve full rich flavour

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