Beef Marrow Bone Medium – 2 lb

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Recreational Chewing Bone

All dogs love marrow bones!

Medium is best for dogs 25 – 50 lbs.

Also available in small (2 -3″) and large (6-7″)

2 lb (3-4 pieces)
Premium quality recreational chewing bone that is a great option for your medium dog.

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Pasture Raised Beef
  • Good for puppies to adult dogs
  • 3-4″ in length
  • Amazing dental benefit – keeps teeth clean!

Can be fed 2 – 3 x per week.

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Nutrient Analysis Valeur Nutritive Per 100g as fed/par 100g tel que servi
Calories (kcal) 315.6
Crude protein (g) 18.80
Crude fat (g) 25.60
Carbohydrate (g) 2.50
Moisture (g) 45.60
Calcium (g) 2.50
Phosphorus (g) 2.20
INGREDIENTS: Marrow Bone Medium
INGRÈDIENTS: Os à moelle moyen
Beef Marrow Bone

Disclaimer: Big Country Raw® follows the Minimal Requirement (Amount/1000kcal for Growing Puppies After Weaning & Adults Dogs) suggested by The Nutrient Requirement for Dogs and Cats by the National Research Council (NRC). For the nutrients P, Na, K, I, Co, Mn, and Vit A, E & B group (no minimum requirement provided) recipes match the NRC Recommended Allowance. For Omega-3 Fatty acids (ALA, EPA, DHA), and Vit D we strongly suggest adding fish or Thrive® Herring Oil to meet the NRC Recommended Allowances.

Always supervise your pet when consuming raw meaty bones. Once completely cleaned bones should be discarded. Recreational chewing bones are NOT to be fully consumed.
Feed frozen to extend the length of chew and to prevent gulping.

5 reviews for Beef Marrow Bone Medium – 2 lb

  1. Kristi McLeod Smeets (verified owner)

    These are an excellent size for a Boxer ! Very meaty and freshly frozen. Keeps her busy for hours.

  2. Danielle

    Another favourite in our house. I have two dogs, one big, one small and they both enjoy these bones. Digging out the marrow is a great way for them to keep their minds busy, while chewing at the bone helps to keep their teeth clean. Highly recommend!

  3. Danielle

    These marrow bones are loved by both my dogs (one small and one medium). We feed them frozen. They spend ages digging out the marrow – which is great for keeping their minds busy. They will then work at the bone which helps to keep their teeth clean. We feed them one of these weekly.

  4. Kristina D

    These are my French bulldogs absolute favourite bones. He spends hours digging into the marrow. A great treat on a hot summer day with the added benefit of clean teeth after the bone is finished! My freezer is always full of these tasty treats!

  5. 45zx (verified owner)

    Great for making homemade bone broth! I freeze the broth in cubes and my puppy loves them.

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