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    dehydrated beef tendon -6-8inches

    100% Dehydrated Beef Tendon

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    dehydrated beef trachea – 6 inches

    A dehydrated beef trachea  great for filling with your favourite Big Country Raw dinner and freezing for a tasty meal later.

  • barktastics lambsicle

    Lamb testicles are a dense meaty organ treat, packed with B Vitamins.

  • barktastics pig feet

    A long lasting chew with many great benefits, like improved dental health.

  • barktastics pink shrimp

    A tasty low protein treat for dogs and cats, that’s packed with goodness.

  • barktastics rabbit buns

    Another novel treat choice, the Rabbit Bun is hand rolled for an extra delicious treat.

  • barktastics turkey neck

    A popular, safe and enjoyable treat for both cats and dogs.

  • barktastics water buffalo roll

    A long lasting natural chew your dog will love!