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  • raw goat milk – 490 ml

    A Probiotic Powerhouse!

    Raw fermented goats milk is an excellent supplement for dogs & cats of all ages. Recommended as an excellent way to successfully restore good digestive gut bacteria when making the switch from dry food to raw. Also beneficial for improved digestion, liver disorders and improved immune system response.

    Also highly recommended for breeders! An excellent way to wean puppies from mother’s milk to raw food.

  • chicken feet – 1 lb

    Chicken Feet are an excellent source of naturally occurring glucosamine. Up to 1600 mg per serving! A popular soft and chewy treat for the active pet.  A best-selling crunchy, chewy and great tasting treat for dogs and cats!

  • pork riblet (meaty pork bone mini) – 1 lb

    Recreational Chewing Bone

    Pork Riblets are a tasty and entertaining chewing bone with lots of lean meat and sinews.  They are also excellent for cleaning teeth.  Pork is a hypoallergenic protein choice making this great choice for pets with food allergies.