Cat Food

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  • Pure Duck – 2 lb

    Highly digestible protein that’s perfect for dogs and cats! A great protein choice for dogs and cats with sensitivities to chicken or beef.

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  • Farm Fest CARTON – 4lb

    Our customers love Farm Fest.  Our original feline formula is great for dogs & cats!  The perfect blend of beef, turkey and lamb – a taste that can’t be beat!

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  • Turkey Salmon Lamb – 2 lb

    A best selling blend, perfect for dogs and cats with skin allergies.  Rich in Omega-3’s – this soothes skin fast!

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  • Frozen Quail Eggs – 18 Ct

    An excellent addition to your pet’s raw meals!

    Add raw shelled or unshelled quail eggs to your pets dish as a daily meal addition or special treat. Raw Quail Eggs are an excellent source of protein! Shells are an excellent source of calcium.

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  • Pure Chicken CARTON – 4lb

    Ontario raised free-range chicken is a rich source of essential amino acids perfect for dogs and cats.

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  • Country Blend – 2 lb

    Meaty turkey with beef tripe and beef organ meats, perfect for pets with sensitivities to chicken.


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  • Breeder Blend Chicken TOTE – 6 lb

    Big Country Raw’s # 1 best selling menu item, Big Country Raw Breeder Blend contains chicken (meat and bone) with beef tripe, and beef organ meat.

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