Dear Customers,

Big Country Raw works hard to ensure safe quality raw ingredients for our products. Currently the Turkey Processors in Canada have been hit hard due to COVID. Turkeys are in high demand for Canadian and American Thanksgiving and Christmas. However due to COVID restrictions and limited family gatherings, demand was considerably less this year. Farmers already anticipated slower demand for Christmas following slow Thanksgiving sales of whole birds and didn’t raise as many birds to keep prices and demand high for their products. In addition, many Ontario poultry processors have experienced COVID outbreaks in their plants and are closing to protect their employees.

Unfortunately these events have led to a significant shortage of Canadian grown Turkey at this time. Big Country Raw expects that this shortage may last for several weeks, as many of our processors are slowing their processing or even halting production till mid-February.

Due to this shortage we are unable to meet our forecasted demand for Turkey products. To ensure we do have available products for customers with protein or food intolerances or allergies we are currently only offering Turkey in our bestselling Grab N Go Box: Big 12 and Big 18. We are temporarily unable to sell the following Grab N Go Boxes: Dinner, Blend, Country and Pure. We will continue to have turkey available in limited supply in 4 lb cartons for the next few weeks.

Rest assured that we are doing all we can to keep turkey products in-stock, including re-stocking of the other Grab N Go boxes if we do have available supply.

We encourage you to consider alternative proteins for your pet at this time if you are able. We have great supply of Chicken and Beef proteins. Pork, Lamb and Fish are also all great alternatives to try! We also recommend our Raw Deal as a go-to for customers that can’t get the Big Deal. The Raw Deal box is the same price point but contains only Chicken Dinner, Breeder Blend and Beef Dinner.

We thank you for your understanding and support during these unprecedented times.


Rob & Geraldine Brouwer – Owners, Big Country Raw