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Varech Thrive - 350 g

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Le varech Thrive est certifié 100% biologique et répertorié par OMRI®. Il regorge de minéraux essentiels, d'acides aminés et de vitamines qui amélioreront la santé de votre animal!

Le varech contient plus de 60 minéraux essentiels, acides aminés, et vitamines. Il procurera à votre animal de compagnie, plusieurs avantages pour sa santé, comme une meilleure digestion, une peau plus saine, et un pelage brillant. Le varech a prouvé son efficacité pour améliorer la fonction du système immunitaire et aussi aider au bon fonctionnement de la glande thyroïde et surrénale.


  • 100% Canadien
  • Plus de 60 minéraux, acides aminés et vitamines essentiels
  • Améliore la digestion et favorise une peau saine et un pelage brillant
  • Développe le système immunitaire, augmente la résistance aux maladies et accélère la guérison
  • Fournit des nutriments pour aider les chiens atteints d'hypothyroïdie
  • Recommandée pour les chiots, les chiens, les chatons et les chats de grandeurs et toutes races.

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Product Code: THRVK350

Varech biologique

0.93g per scoop

1 mesure = 1/4 cuillère à thé.

Per 100g – Crude Protein 8.5 %, Fat 2.0%, Crude Fiber 4%, Moisture 9%, Total Ash (Minerals) 29%, Carbohydrates (Nitrogen free extracts) 47.5%, Iodine content 780 ppm, Iron 622 ppm, Selenium 0.3ppmn, Zinc 12 ppm.

Acides aminés (% des acides aminés totaux) Alanine 5.52, Lysine 4.24, Arginine 5.4, Méthionine 1.07, Acide aspartique 9.88, Phénylalanine 3.54, Cystine 1.49, Proline 3.71, Glycine 5.70, Serine 4.92, Acide glutamique 12.03, Thréonine 4.60, Histidine 2.9 Tryptophane 1,68, Isoleucine 3,26, Tyrosine 3,52, Leucine 5,63, Valine 3,51.

Pour ajouter du varech à la portion quotidienne, saupoudrez-le ou mélangez-le.

Dose quotidienne suggérée

Posologie :

1 mesure = 1/4 cuillère à thé.

¼ cuillère à thé pour une masse corporelle de 25 lb.


24 avis pour Thrive Sea Kelp – 350g

  1. Amanda Virdo

    This is one of our go to supplements! We make sure we never run out in our house

  2. Melissa Goncalves (client confirmé)

    I always keep this supplement on hand. I often feed the pures and the blends and always add a bit of the kelp to ensure my dog is getting the benefits from this product. It is definitely one of our go to supplements.

  3. Hannah

    My dog loves this!
    We always have this and it’s our favourite!

  4. Jocelynne

    Love this! Our dogs breath started to get bad and we noticed the plaque build up on her teeth from before and turned to this supplement to help soften the plaque so when eating or brushing it will come off a lot easier! Very rich source of vitamins and can’t go wrong for the quality! If you have a dog that is prone to teeth issues definitely look into adding this to your dogs routine!

  5. Desiree Simpson

    My pups love this supplement and always lick every last spot. It’s perfect thank you for carrying it.

  6. HannahTherrien

    Our little poodle loves this and we always make sure to have it!

  7. gsp

    This supplement will always be in stock in our house. We use kelp oil for ourselves because of the benefits and our pup benefits just as much

  8. Jana Young (client confirmé)

    My dog loves his kelp. Starts going crazy when he sees me getting it out. A perfect and easy supplement for vitamins and minerals. Last while as well

  9. Chelsea Elle

    I keep it on hand for when I feed pures. Easy to use container, scoop or shake.

  10. Arsh T

    This supplement has made a great difference when I make raw food at home for my dog.

  11. Elle Dhanani (client confirmé)

    I love putting sea kelp in my pups silicone mould with some goats milk. It makes a great vitamine and he loves them!

  12. Elle Dhanani (client confirmé)

    I put some sea kelp in with goats milk in the silicone mold to make a great vitamin for my pup. He loves them.

  13. Elle Dhanani (client confirmé)

    I love this supplement. I put it at the bottom of my silicon mold with some goats milk and it makes a great vitamin! Plus its a great healthy snack for the pup.

  14. Mia

    Thé first supplement we purchased, there is a measuring spoon in the container! We found it after a few weeks, it helps— do some digging. Adds some pep to meals

  15. Barbie Wallace

    This is such a perfect supplement for this owner to feed! Knowing she is getting everything she needs from it for her health, puts my mind at ease! Its a fantastic addition to her pures and blends!

  16. meganbrowne

    Always keep this on hand for when I feed my dog or cat the pures of blends. A measuring spoon in the container makes it easy to portion out.

  17. Nicia Montminy (client confirmé)

    I add sea kelp to every one of my cat’s meals to supplement them and make sure she gets everything she needs. Another Thrive supplement I completely trust in keeping my cat healthy and active!

  18. tricolourtrails (client confirmé)

    I just this everyday for my Aussies. It is just like a coarse salt in texture. So easy to sprinkle on top of their meals!

  19. sonjers

    When we first switched our pup to raw, we began using this supplement. It is a very reasonable price and will last a really long time. We liked it a lot but have recently switched to trimineral boost.

  20. Debra.Steele (client confirmé)

    Great for my dogs and cat. Great that it has so many minerals, amino acids and vitamins in one very economical and high quality product. My cat really likes it because of its aroma and taste. I feed it just about every morning with their first meal of the day.

  21. feetpeet

    We only feed the pures in our house so the kelp is a must and we know it helps make our meals balanced. Also always feel good feeding Canadian ingredients.

  22. Marianna

    Great price and great for raw fed dogs

  23. Marianna

    Great price and great for raw fed dogs

  24. Michael Gallant

    The snapshot of the analysis for this supplement is *NOT* FOR THIS BIG COUNTRY RAW KELP SUPPLEMENT, it’s from a company that produces (ORGANIC) ICELANDIC GEOTHERMAL KELP in Virginia. I googled kelp typical analysis. I don’t trust this supplement is safe or healthy for my dog anymore. BUYER BEWARE. I bought thrive fortify which contains about 50% of this kelp supplement. I won’t be using it anymore. Very disappointed.

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