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  1. Debra Steele

    My personal preference in leashes has always been leather but this one is an exception. This sturdy, pliable nylon leash is smooth and soft in the hands. I will use this one often. I’ll have to get another one!

  2. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom

    Sturdy with heavy duty swivel clasp. Might be a bit heavy for little breeds like Yorkies, but perfect for any larger breeds. Soft in the hand and just the right length.

  3. Jenna

    Beautiful leash! It’s a very soft and durable material that definitely makes a statement. It is a little heavy for my 14 pound pup, but would be perfect for larger dogs

  4. Megan (client confirmé)

    We love our leashes! They’re the lightest leashes I own, very soft and minimal in your hands, and they rinse well if they get wet in the lake or dirty. Love the full length of easy to double up in hand and walk at any length you wish. Would recommend ✔️

  5. williamsbk21

    Love this leash! I now have two because I really love how soft and light it is. Plus it is gorgeous and always love sporting the BCR brand gear!

  6. JazzyJetson (client confirmé)

    Love this leash it’s super light and soft and it is a perfect length for me and my dog.

  7. meganbrowne (client confirmé)

    Got this leash from bcr and it’s one of my favourites. It’s a longer leash than most and it’s very well made. Definitely love using it and recommend it

  8. Caitlin Surman (client confirmé)

    Picked up some of these are the grand opening and love them! Strong but light weight, and I haven’t burnt my hand on them when my dog pulls too quick.

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