Femur d'agneau - 1 morceau, environ 1 lb par sac.

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Os récréatif

Excellent pour les chiens de petite et moyenne race/taille. Un tibia est composé du tissu conjonctif, des jointures et de beaucoup de moelle à l’intérieur. Ces petits os sont un vrai régal !


Tibia d'agneau 5″-12″

  • Agneau ontarien de pâturage
  • Sans hormones et sans antibiotiques
  • Os récréatifs
  • Idéal pour nettoyer les dents et les gencives
  • Conveniently Sized for Small to Medium Dogs (15- 60lbs)

Please note:  We always recommend feeding supervised.  We do not recommend lamb femurs bones for powerful chewers.

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os d'agneau

Protéine - min. 19%
Gras - min. 10%
Fibres - max. 2%
Humidité 69%

Always supervise your pet when consuming raw meaty bones.  Lamb Trotters contain muscle meat, fat, bone, cartilage and sinews.  A meaty raw treat that is a big favourite for all dogs! Fed regularly as part of a raw diet, lamb femurs along with other BCR raw meaty bones will ensure clean teeth and healthy gums. Feed frozen to extend the length of chew and to prevent gulping.

We do not recommend lamb femurs bones for powerful chewers.

4 avis pour Lamb Femur Bones 5″-12″ – 1 lb Bag

  1. Jenny

    My dog loves these bones. She gets a bone as a special treat, and can’t be happier! Such a great alternative to beef bones. My dog loves lamb.

  2. Kristi (client confirmé)

    My Boxer is SO happy with herself when we give her a lamb femur bone. Perfect size for her. She carries it around with her head held high as if she butchered it herself!

  3. Alita26651

    My dog LOVES these, they are an excellent chew bone for your dog to enjoy for a period of time. Depending on your dogs level of chewing… my dog typically takes her time and doesn’t rush, so she could be chewing on this for up to two hours. It keeps her busy, it stimulates her mind and her jaw muscles, and stripping the meat and chewing the bone helps to naturally clean her teeth. She really loves this raw bone and I’d recommend for any dog! It’s a recreational bone so you have to supervise and make sure they don’t try to swallow the big pieces if they can’t properly break it down with their teeth. Take it away when it’s been completely stripped of meat!

  4. AudreyandLaika

    Meilleur produit pour avoir des dents blanches

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