Duck Eggs (Frozen) – 6 pk

(14 avis client)

Un œuf qui constitue un ajout nutritif au régime cru de votre chien. Offrez avec les repas ou tout seul comme gâterie.

Nous suggérons de ne pas servir plus de 1 à 3 fois par semaine.

portion quotidienne suggérée

10-50 lbs……. 1 egg

50-100 lbs ……2 eggs


Product Code: DEGG6


Duck Eggs (Frozen) – 6 pk (14 reviews )

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  1. @bigbartok

    Nous adorons les oeufs de canne pour nos deux grands chiens. Chaque repas est une fête dès que l’on ajoute un oeuf ! Une belle option pour les chiens sensibles ou allergiques au poulet.

  2. williamsbk21

    Denver loves these! I like that they come in a pack of six – I give about one a week in rotation with quail eggs.

  3. Kristi McLeod Smeets (client confirmé)

    My boxers LOVE quail eggs so we thought we would give these a try .. what a success! Will definitely be ordering more next order. Love seeing BCR have items for dogs of ALL sizes.

  4. Shona

    Perfect for my big guy! I feed him one or two a week frozen.

  5. Angie Boothman (client confirmé)

    Such a great new addition to my dogs meals. We have given them frozen, and cut one in half. You can just see how farm fresh these eggs are. Will definitely become a staple in my dogs diet.

  6. KrystenKT

    These are a great alternative to the Quail Eggs! Instead of giving several quail eggs, I rotate in one duck egg to spice things up every once in a while and Teddy loves it! These are great for Large Breed dogs.

  7. Debra.Steele (client confirmé)

    haha … my male and female boxers love them too. They love them. They are so healthy for them being a great source of calcium and another protein source. Only a little shell is left behind but rarely.

  8. Caitlin Surman

    So happy when they announced these!! Perfect for two big dogs!

  9. Melissa Lamarche

    My 9 year old husky and 2 year old GSD love these! I like the size for my two large dogs! They have been a big hit in our house!

  10. 2452mmainville

    That perfect for tje big dog but is more expensive than the quail eggss. Its good yo do a rotation


  11. hui0414

    My golden loves these eggs, it’s always the 1st thing she eats in her bowel. She can’t have chicken eggs due to allergy, this is a great alternative!

  12. thecass (client confirmé)

    So excited about these. We love the quail eggs already for our great dane, but always love offering more variety. Duck eggs are hard to source, so we are pumped BCR now carries these. We feed about 1-2 a week. Nice way to add protein and calcium.

  13. Homer

    Always saves best for last, as soon as these eggs come out and onto the counter he can’t take his eyes ofd

  14. tricolourtrails

    I love this option! It’s nice to have a variety of eggs to feed. I feed these after canicross training for some extra protein and calcium.

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Nutrient Facts

Oeuf de cane - 6 oeufs

Analyse nutritionnelleAnalyse des éléments nutritifs
Par 58 grammes (1 oeuf)Par 58 grammes (1 oeuf)
ProtéinesProtéines7 g
GrasMatières grasses7 g
FibresFibres0 g
Sodium/Sodium – 75 g

Vitamin D/Vitamine D – 3 mcg

Fer – 1 mg

Potassium/Potassium – 75 mg

Guide d'alimentation

Instructions de manipulation :

Les oeufs de cane congelés sont destinés aux animaux de compagnie. Peuvent être conservés congelés jusqu'à 12 mois. Une fois décongelés, les œufs peuvent être conservés dans votre réfrigérateur jusqu'à 60 jours.

Instruction :

La congélation des œufs provoque la fissuration de la coquille extérieure, mais souvent la membrane ne se déchire pas. Nous suggérons de décongeler les œufs au réfrigérateur dans un plat en verre, des fuites sont possibles. Une fois décongelés, ajoutez des œufs crus au repas de votre animal de compagnie quotidiennement ou en gâterie.

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