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Couenne de lapin déshydratée - 6 morceaux

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La couenne de lapin Hero Dog Treats ™ est un régal pour les chiens de toutes tailles. Ces friandises à fourrure sont idéales pour les animaux allergiques et sont riches en protéines.

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Couenne de lapin déshydratée - 6 morceaux (6 reviews )

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  1. williamsbk21

    My dog went crazy for these! They are fairly large pieces – they are quite thin though and easily broken into smaller pieces if you have a smaller dog. Fur is so great for their digestion and my guy loves rabbit so I am in love with these treats!

  2. Komorebi

    Rabbit is our dogs favourite treat, keep bringing in all the new rabbit products we live it. Great product we break them up to train puppies

  3. ErikaD (client confirmé)

    Love these treats, my dog goes crazy for anything rabbit, nice for another option other than the rabbit ears and feet!

  4. feetpeet

    Dog loves these! As said by others you do get good size pieces but they can easily be made smaller for smaller guys! My dog has a lot of allergies so any rabbit treat is appreciated by her.

  5. F-anny01 (client confirmé)

    Une gaterie qui rends mes chiens complètement fous ! On adore ici !

  6. thecass (client confirmé)

    Norman loves anything rabbit, so having a third rabbit treat to offer him makes for one happy pup. The fur is great for cleaning teeth and digestion.

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Couenne de lapin

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