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Oreilles de lapin déshydratées - 65 g

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100 % oreilles de lapin deshydratées

HeroDogTreats™ – Oreilles de lapin, 65g
Les oreilles de lapin déshydratées sont des friandises savoureuses et riches en protéines. 100% naturelles. Produits fabriqués au Canada, par des Canadiens et pour des Canadiens.

  • Oreilles de lapin 100% canadiens provenant d'installations inspectées par l'ACIA
  • Gâterie déshydratée, ingrédient unique, sans agent de conservation
  • Rempli de fibres essentielles à la digestion.
  • Aide à laver les dents.
  • haute teneur en protéine et faible en gras.


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100 % oreilles de lapin deshydratées

12 avis pour Dehydrated Rabbit Ears – 65g

  1. megurq

    A favourite crunchy treat! Rabbit Ears are perfect for an afternoon snack or to finish off your pups bowl with 🙂 Great source of fibre and great for digestion!

  2. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom

    My dog gets excited when I bring out this bag of treats. They’re a nice size and like a crunchy chip. It’s got a little fibre and a source of glucosamine too. They seem to be popular so get them while they’re in stock.

  3. shepie.miniaussie (client confirmé)

    Very popular in my house! I like to give them as “dessert”. Great source of fibre, glucosamine, and good for digestion. My dog really enjoys that these are really crunchy and easy to bite. For longer-lasting, my dog LOVES the rabbit feet!

  4. Melissa Goncalves (client confirmé)

    I love knowing what my dog is eating when I give him hero dog treats! My dog goes CRAZY for these! They are definitely a treat we always have on hand. He usually gets one every couple of days

  5. Finn_Rey (client confirmé)

    My dogs favourite dehydrated treat! Took them a bit to get used to the fur on it haha!

  6. Barbie Wallace

    These along with the feet are my dogs absolute favorite treat. As a Chinese Crested they are known for bad dental, but with these treats she is actually chewing, which is fantastic for her teeth!! The hair on them is a bonus for the fibre, great treat!!

  7. Komorebi

    These are the potato chips for dogs, ours can’t get enough and I wish they came in a bulk boc

  8. Angie Boothman

    A perfect little crunchy snack. My dogs dont get to have rabbit too much, but they love these! we add them in their food or as a snack throughout the day.

  9. AudreyandLaika

    Une gâterie qui en fait saliver plus d’un ici !!!

  10. feetpeet

    You can’t go wrong with these crunchy ears in your treat cupboard. At first my dog was not sure what to do with them but now when she hears the bag she will always run for them.

  11. thecass (client confirmé)

    Any rabbit treats are a go to hit in our house – our dog loves the smell and crunch. We like to feed a few a couple of times a week

  12. melaniepaquette (client confirmé)

    I was looking for a single ingredient treat as my dog is struggling with food allergies. These are perfect 🙂 She is 14 years old and has a hard time chewing on long lasting treats. The size of these ones are just right for her, and they are easy to eat. She loves them!

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