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Gamelle Big Country Raw - Ensemble- large

(8 avis client)

Le bol parfait pour les amateurs inconditionnels!

estampillé : “My dog eats better than me”


Le fond antidérapant permet à votre animal de manger plus facilement sans déplacer le bol. Facile à ramasser, il va au lave-vaisselle. Le bas est légèrement évasé pour un design ergonomique.

  • Facile à servir, à ramasser et à laver
  • Fond antidérapant
  • Fait de mélanine durable
  • Va au lave-vaisselle
  • Bol d'acier inoxydable et couvercle de silicone.
  • 17 cm x 4.5 cm de profond
  • 700 ml


SKU: 627818001878

8 avis pour Big Country Raw Bowl – Complete Set – LARGE

  1. williamsbk21 (client confirmé)

    I love these bowls. They are a great size and super easy to throw in the dishwasher whenever they get a little messy. The bowl inserts come out which makes it easy to prep meals ahead of time, put the lid on and then when time to feed pop it into the bowl. It also is a sleek design.

  2. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom (client confirmé)

    These bowls are awesome. Durable, sleek design and they don’t slide all over the floor. The insert comes with a silicone lid which is great for storing meals in the fridge. I have a couple bowls and a few inserts so I don’t have to clean the same bowl every time. Just put them in the dishwasher, grab a clean one and you’re good to go.

  3. Sara Hunter (client confirmé)

    This bowl is perfect for my 9 month old Portuguese Water Dog, it holds his 1 lb daily amount with room for extras, stays put on the floor and I love the opening in the sides for easy pick up!! And, the insert and lid make it perfect for serving!

  4. Steph Ferguson (client confirmé)

    Just got this with an order today, and my girl and I are definitely pleased with the results. She had no hesitation when lapping up her dinner, and clean-up was SO easy! Not to mention that it can hold a fair amount of food. I had 1.5lbs thawed, and no doubt it could have held another 1.5lbs with ease! I love the design, the ease of use, and the product overall. The little saying, and logo on the bottom of the bowl itself is truly a cherry on top, too! I highly recommend this.

  5. RJ Taylor

    I love this bowl!
    This bowl keeps me from putting too many treats in and making my guy fat, it’s super easy to wash and it doesn’t slide around on the floor!
    Best part, it has the logo on the bottom.
    I highly recommend this bowl.

  6. Hunt00

    I recommend these bowls. They stay in place while my dogs are eating. I can dish wash the stainless bowl insert. Plus can prep meals ahead of time. Just put silicone lid on bowl to store in the fridge. Also love that I can buy the stainless bowl with lid separately. I use 4 large bowls and 4 small bowls a day feeding our gang. Love these.

  7. Dylace (client confirmé)

    I can’t recommend these bowls enough. The inserts with the lids makes meal prep so easy.

  8. Tamaraachan

    J’adore ce bol! Je le mets toujours au lave vaisselle et il est comme neuf! J’aime le fait qu’il est antidérapant, mon chien ne fait pas le tour de la maison en mangeant son souper haha

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