Mélange d'abats de boeuf - 1 lb

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Un mélange équilibré d'abats de boeuf. Un complément alimentaire savoureux et riche en nutriment.

  • Helps to relieve constipation.
  • Rich source of extra minerals and nutrients.

A side dish for dogs and cats that could use more organ meat in their diet.   May be used to help soften up stools or encourage fussy eaters. We source only the best, highest quality beef organ meat from hormone & antibiotic free beef, that is pasture raised here in Ontario.

  • Sans hormones et sans antibiotiques
  • Boeufs élevés en pâturage
  • Alimentation en rotation avec les Repas, Mélanges Signature ou Formules Pures Big Country Raw.
  • Sources de vitamines et de minéraux essentiels

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25% de coeur de boeuf, 25% de foie de boeuf, 25% de rein de boeuf, 25% de rate de boeuf

Mélange d'abats de boeuf
Valeurs nutritives
par 100 grammes
Calories 114
Humidité % 76
Gras % 4
Protéines % 19
Fibres % 3
Vitamines et minéraux
Calcium mg 8.50
Fer mg 14.59
Magnésium mg 19.50
Phosphore mg 288
Potassium mg 322.75
Sodium mg 108.50
Zinc mg 2.43
Cuivre mg 2.69
Manganèse mg 0.14
Sélénium ug 66.18
Thiamine mg 0.21
Riboflavine mg 1.72
Niacine mg 9.28
Béta-carotène mg 58
Acide folique ug 98.75
Vitamine B12 ug 25.26
Vitamine A IU 4573.75
Vitamine A RAE IU 1346.75
Vitamine E mg 0.20
Vitamine K mg 0.77
Vitamine C mg 14.55
Informations additionnelles
Viande % 25
Organes % 75
Teneur en os % 0
Fruits et légumes % 0
Suppléments % 0

Side Dishes are a supplemental feeding choice for dogs and cats.  Side dishes are not intended to be fed as a complete meal but are intended to enhance or customize your pet’s dietary choices.

We suggested offering Side Dishes as a topper with other balanced raw, cooked or dry foods. Recommended maximum serving size – 1/4 cup per 2 lb. of food



  • Keep food frozen and thaw in refrigerator until ready to use.
  • Return unused food back to the refrigerator after serving.
  • Serve in stainless steel or ceramic dishes.
  • Wash all work surfaces, utensils, serving spoons and hands with hot water & soap after handling raw meat & poultry.



Need some inspiration on how to include side dishes in your pet’s next meal?


  1. Makes Frozen Treats. Big Country Raw Frozen Treat Molds make it easy! Simply thaw, portion into molds, freeze, and then serve as needed! Just add a scoop (or two) with each meal. Our recommended serving size is 2 oz (1/4 cup) per 8 oz (1 cup) of raw, cooked or dry food.
  2. Add as a food topper to your pet”s meal

16 avis pour Beef Organ Blend – 1 lb

  1. megurq (client confirmé)

    My dog LOVES the Beef Organ Blend by BCR!! We buy this all the time and either scoop right into the dish or freeze in BCR Paw Molds to make serving clean and simple. This is an amazing product to have on hand for “higher bone days” or when your pets poops are too firm. This will offset the bone ratio a bit and can help soften a stool. One of our favourite products for sure! And so affordable to try out 🙂

  2. Amanda

    We use this whenever we give a lot of bone or if the dogs have hard stools. It’s a great product!

  3. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom (client confirmé)

    This is my dog’s favourite side dish. I usually feed this when he’s having a meal replacement bone to balance everything out. It’s great to freeze in the BCR mold for convienient serving.

  4. Finn_Rey

    Excellent choice to help balance out bone content’ makes a great topper for fussy eaters too!

  5. Ozzy (client confirmé)

    My dog loves this. He has a hard time processing meals with higher bone content. I freeze this in the paw moulds and he gets one with every meal. Makes pooping a lot easier for him
    The containers are a bit hard to open, but they are a great size.

  6. Sarah

    My dog absolutely adores the beef organ blend! I do too, because I can rest easy giving her a meal replacement bone with a bit of this and know she’s had a complete meal that she also happens to love.

  7. Racheldavis

    Love this product i put it into the molds and give it to my girls they love it!

  8. Rachelstocco (client confirmé)

    Beef organ blend is the best for when I feed more bone, helps with hard crumbly stools. I thaw portion into moulds and refreeze for convenient feeding when needed.

  9. hui0414

    A must have in our house. Our girl is very sensitive to higher bone content. We give this to her when we feed pure duck or meal replacement bones. It helps her to poop easier.

  10. Caitlyn H.

    This stuff is a mineral & nutrient power house!!! We add a small amount (about 1tbsp or so) daily to my girl’s dinner to provide her with some extra minerals naturally. I do know that this can really loosen stools up, so we do not add this on days we are feeding a poultry based dinner/pure as poultry also seems to loosen her stools up and the two combined just made a bit of a mess. She loves this stuff though and I swear she can smell the second I touch the container to dish some out haha.

  11. Alita26651

    This is extremely convenient and so useful as this has all the organs and muscle meats (lung, heart) mixed right in and all we have to do is scoop and dump. I buy these ALL the time, multiple containers and I portion them into silicone molds to freeze as portions for my dog. Organs are a MUST in raw feeding. You can’t skip it. We really love the beef organ blend. It would be super amazing if there were other organ blends like lamb, pork, etc.

  12. UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue (client confirmé)

    Love that product, one of my dogs favorite.

  13. Catherine Poissant

    Parfait pour compléter un repas d’os charnus.

  14. Adrien Cross

    A good way soften up stool if your pooch ate too much bone — also a tasty treat!

  15. tricolourtrails

    I absolutely love this product. Such a great source of extra nutrients and is a great thing to feed on bone day. I also find it super helpful for constipation (a little goes a long ways though, so don’t over-do it!).

  16. 45zx (client confirmé)

    I feed this in rotation with other organ side dishes as a “vehicle” for my fussy puppy’s daily supplements (thaw out two pre-made cubes and mix it up), especially since she doesn’t really like the herring oil. Some days I have to mix her veggies in there as well (*sigh*)

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