General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Free product will be awarded upon or after purchase of your 12th product purchase.
  2. Purchases must be completed within 12 months of the purchase of the 1st product.
  3. Proof of purchases (sales receipt) showing date of purchase, description of product (e.g. product name or UPC) and purchase price must be included with card to be eligible for redemption in the Frequent Buyer Promotion.
  4. Free product value is based on the lowest selling price of participating products (4 lb. Cartons, 4 lb. Totes, Grab n Go 12 lb and Grab n Go 18 lb
  5. Card must be initialed by store employee at time of purchase.
  6. All returned purchases will be deducted from your product total.
  7. The entitlement to free product has no cash value.
  8. Trial sizes and free product received as part of other promotions or contests are not eligible for this program.
  9. Frequent Buyer Cards are kept at your preferred retailer. You cannot combine Frequent Buyer Cards from 2 or more locations.
  10. Frequent Buyer Cards are one per person/per household.
  11. Employees are not eligible to participate in the Frequent Buyer Promotion.
  12. In order to track purchase history associated with the Frequent Buyer Card, it is necessary that all cards include the customer name, email and store address.
  13. Retailers must submit request for reimbursement for free product given within 60 days.
  14. Credit for free product given will be based on value of the free product given, but will not exceed the maximum allowable Suggested Retail Selling price of the product as provided in the latest published Big Country Raw Dealer Product and Price List.
  15. Big Country Raw reserves the right to amend or modify the Frequent Buyer program at any time and in any way (including our right to discontinue).
  16. Big Country Raw reserves the right to cancel your participation in the Frequent Buyer program in the event of fraud, abuse of privileges, or violation of terms and conditions.