We support Canadian Farmers! All of our ingredients are sourced from Canadian Farmers and Processors, and everything is made right here in Canada.

We source from farmers and processors that abide by safe and ethical standards of care for animals throughout all life stages.

We are proud to sell pasture-raised beef, lamb, and buffalo. Pasture raised animals graze and forage on grass, which is much higher in key nutrients like Omega-3 & B Vitamins. These meat sources are much healthier and flavourful for both us and our pets!

Our poultry products including chicken, turkey and duck come from free range farmers that allow their birds to roam and roost. A better and more natural way to grow.

All our fish products, including our THRIVE Herring Oil, are from Canadian Fisheries committed to environmentally sound and sustainable fishing practices.

We only source the best possible ingredients, including Certified Organic Products for our fruit and vegetable blends.