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Jen said:
The dogs absolutely love this food - thanks for such a great product! I can't tell you the number of times people comment on how healthy my dogs are - specifically my Airedale's coat! I let them know it's due to lots of love - and Big Country Raw dog food!

Judi said:
Thanks for allowing me and my friend Danielle to visit your facility. We were absolutely blown away today by your facility. Your production facility is wonderful, "eat off the floor cleanliness" which most folks would really like to see. Thanks so much for giving the samples, Danielle was was very excited about going to give our dogs a great treat. She`s known for ages that I feed Tanner and little Bentley the raw diet but she always just imagined it would cost her a huge bundle. So Rob, again, thanks for taking the time today to figure out amounts of food, monthly cost, etc. etc. Danielle was very very impressed and it looks to me like you will have another `happy` customer....and i am only too happy if their dogs will become as happy and fit as mine!!!!

Tina Moffatt said:
I started feeding Chloe my three year old Yorkshire Terrior BCR just 8 days ago. I can't believe how much of a difference I have seen in such a short time. Not only does my fussy little girl love your food but I have noticed some wonderful benefits. Her breath doesn't have that awful dog breath smell that even regular brushing didn't help. She used to have goop in her eyes that is now gone and her hair already looks shinier. My favorite however is that her stool no longer smells, a big benefit when stooping and scooping during our daily walks. So thank you for making such terrific food that she loves and I am confident will help to assure she is healthy and happy for many years to come!

Robin & Marco said:
"Hugo had a sensitive stomach ever since he was a puppy. We went through endless attempts to solution his constant tummy woes and were feeling so badly for him - we thought that he must have felt horrible all the time never being able to completely digest his food. We tried everything - antibotics, probiotics, a variety of kibbles...nothing seemed to work. When I called Geraldine and spoke with her about Hugo's continuing issues, she suggested that I try raw food. To be honest, I was skeptical at first. I had dogs all my life growing up and they all ate kibble. I was scared of him not liking it, him getting sick from it...I think in the end, I was just scared of 'it.' I was also scared of the price. For some reason, I was under the impression that it was going to drain my bank account dry!

After finally coming to my senses and realizing that it was more about my initial thoughts about raw food, I finally called Geraldine back and said, "we need to try this." It was my last resort...I couldn't bare to have poor Hugo deal with the constant tummy issues anymore. Geraldine said to me, and I remember this very clearly, "I bet his issues will go away. I give it a week." So I figured, I might as well try - we had nothing to lose.

No word of a lie, LESS than a week into our raw food switch we noticed there were no more tummy issues. Like NONE. No gas, no runs, no bloating. There was no issue transitioning Hugo either. He immediately loved his new food! His stools were small, firm and continued to improve over time; his breath didn't smell at all, he lost that doggy smell. I can't tell you how thrilled we were. This raw food diet was like the miracle food for Hugo. AND, it is literally the same amount we were spending on kibble anyway!

Now almost a year later, Hugo is healthier than he has ever been. He has more energy, he coat is beautiful, he doesn't have bad breath, he doesn't smell like a 'dog' (and people have even commented on how our house doesn't smell like dog). My only regret was that I didn't start feeding him raw food earlier.

Thank you Geraldine for everything to your dedication to understanding healthy lifestyles for dogs and for your impeccable customer service!"

Jason & Emily said:
"We went through many premium dog foods trying to find relief for our allergenic boxer, Jackson. We made the switch to Big Country Raw about a year ago, and have noticed a complete 180 in his condition! He is such a happier dog now. All of our boxers have shiny coats, and they actually smell good! Their stools are all very small, their breath is great, their teeth are white, and they LOVE their food. Our vet could not get over how healthy they are, and how good they look, and that's saying a lot! We recommend raw food to everyone we know, and specifically Big Country. Their prices are great, the packaging is convenient, and the selection is incredible. Thanks Big Country - we owe you bigtime!"

Rob and Emily MacKinnon said:
Since switching our dogs to Big Country Raw, we are thrilled with the huge improvement in their health. The tartar on our older dog’s teeth is almost gone, their coats are shiny and healthy and their stool is smaller in volume, nicely formed and less stinky. We can’t thank Geraldine and Rob enough for their support throughout our transition to raw. Their thorough knowledge about raw, the high quality raw food they produce, convenient packaging and delivery service as well as their willingness to educate us about canine nutrition has left no question in our minds that we have made the right choice to switch our dogs to Big Country Raw.

Mark R. said:
I just want to thank you for your food and advise. Our black lab, Harley, has within 4 weeks grown all her hair back, no more shedding, yahoo ! Way more energy and a list of things too long to go into. She is now the demo dog at puppy school, also because she learns so fast. The turn around in her health within a few short weeks is remarkable ! Thank you again!