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BigCountry Breeder Program

As breeder's ourselves we know the importance of feeding your dogs a quality diet. Nutrition affections your dog's overall health and for breeder's this also includes the reproductive health of your breeding sires and dams. We are know that when you recommend Bigcountry Raw to your puppy families you are offering them the best in regards to quality, price and customer service. Bigcountry Raw is growing rapidly with Home Delivery Service and Retailers across Southwestern Ontario. We are here to provide assistance, support and education to you as a breeder but also to your puppy families as they start their new puppy on a raw food diet. Our Puppy Packs will make choosing to continue with the raw food diet an affordable and convenient choice for your puppy families, ensuring the best long-term health and longevity for your breeding program as well.

Our Breeder Program Exclusive Benefits:

  • Breeder Discount Coupons Code which allows you to save up to 30% off all BCR Raw Products
  • Puppy Packs – FREE FOOD and Raw Feeding e-book for your puppy families
  • Breeder Listing and Link on our website
  • FREE Nutritional Support and Assistance as required

We are not, nor do we claim to be, veterinarians. The information provided on this website is in no way intended to circumvent treatment. We suggest using this information for your own research purposes and as a starting point for discussion with your veterinarian.

Breeder Listing

Kennel Name Breed(s) City State / Province / Region Country Email  
Asylum Angel Bulldogs Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Orono ON Canada
NovaMal Alaskan Malamutes Alaskan Malamute Eastern Passage NS Canada  
Stonelove Kennels American Bully ON Canada
Charmaine's Pets American Cocker Spaniel, Miniture Poodle York ON Canada  
Vitani Kennels American Pit Bull Terriers and American Bullies Augusta GA United States
Dubonheur Australian Shepherd Sainte Agathe des Monts QC Canada  
Holler Australian Shepherds Australian Shepherds Alliston ON Canada
Ninebark Aussies Australian Shepherds Renfrew ON Canada  
Nappyroots Reg'd Barbet Elmira ON Canada
Neigenuveaux (Perm. Reg'd) Barbet Mississauga ON Canada  
Spiritrock Barbets Barbet Toronto ON Canada
AfriCanadian Basenji Basenji Pembroke ON Canada  
AfriCanadian Basenji's (Kingston) Basenji Inverary ON Canada
Westerode Bearded Collies, German Shepherds Ridgeville ON Canada  
Expat Belgian Malinois Scotland ON Canada
Elevage Trille-Blanc Bernese and Newfoundland Val-des-Monts QC Canada  
Bouboulou Bernese Mountain Dogs Gatineau QC Canada
Ilia's Legacy Black Russian Terrier Nobleton ON Canada  
RR Sport dogs Border Collies Mount hope ON Canada
Barknbwild Boxer and French Bulldogs Niagara Falls ON Canada  
Pelee Bulldogs Bulldog Wheatley ON Canada
JACIB Kennel Bulldog, Giant Schnauzers Ajax ON Canada  
True North Bulldogs Bulldogs Amherstburg ON Canada
Cosima Corsos Cane Corso Elmvale ON Canada  
East West Cane Corso Cane Corso Carp ON Canada
Birchrun Cavaliers Cavalier King Charles Spaniels St. Marys ON Canada  
Midsummer Cavaliers Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Brussels ON Canada
Old School Cavaliers Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Fenwick ON Canada  
Charis Kennels Dachshund Pontypool ON Canada
Dachsforth Kennel Dachshund (Miniagure, Smooth and Longhair) Varna ON Canada  
Disguise Reg'd Dachshund, Leonbergers Wellandport ON Canada
Leialak Dobermans Doberman Pinscher Brantford ON Canada  
Redstone Doberman Pinschers Brampton ON Canada
Soulstorm Reg'd Doberman Pinschers Doberman Pinschers Vars ON Canada  
ConnQuest Dobermans Dobermans Newtonville ON Canada
Gatehouse Perm. Reg'd Dobermans, German Shorthaired Pointer Owen Sound ON Canada
VegaStar Dobermans Dobermans, Standard Poodles Toronto ON Canada
Jayron Reg'd French Bulldog, Boston Terrier Millbrook ON Canada  
Robb Isle reg. French Bulldog's, Boston Terrier Tiny/Wyebridge ON Canada
Aristocrafts French Bulldogs Kleinburg ON Canada  
Force Majeure French Bulldogs French Bulldogs Toronto ON Canada
vom Kaltenbach German Shepherds German Shepherd Dog Wainfleet ON Canada  
Divon Kennels German Shepherds Cavan ON Canada
Schaeffer Shepherds German Shepherds Cayuga ON Canada
Von Rothhaus German Shepherds German Shepherds Fordwich ON Canada
Twenty Valley Pointers German Shorthaired Pointers Fenwick ON Canada  
Dreamkeeper Goldens Golden Retriever Utterson ON Canada
Regalgoldens Golden Retriever Caledon ON Canada  
Audeo Golden Retrievers Golden Retrievers Mountain ON Canada
Braefield Golden Retrievers Cayuga ON Canada  
Sterre Golden Retrievers Guelph ON Canada
Brevmac Kennel Golden Retrievers, Shetland Sheepdogs Chatsworth ON Canada  
Danetastix Reg. Great Danes Stoney Creek ON Canada
Labs of Eden Labrador Retriever Cargill ON Canada  
Marshville Lagotto Lagotto Romagnolo Wainfleet ON Canada
Dreambig Leonbergers Leonberger Amherstburg ON Canada  
Happydogz Retreat Maltese, Toy Poodle, Maltipoos Fenwick ON Canada
China Shop Bullies Miniature Bull Terrier Port Hope ON Canada  
Udogo Puppies Morkie, Yorkie and Maltese Ameliasburg ON Canada
BarleFarm Newfoundlands Newfoundlands Chester NH United States  
Jalynn Kennels Perm Reg'd Newfoundlands Creemore ON Canada
Wildgoose Norwich Terrier Elginburg ON Canada  
Kalmegess Kennels Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Hampton ON Canada
Phantom Bulldogs Olde English Bulldogs innisfil ON Canada  
Foxbend Kennel Parson Russell Terriers Amaranth ON Canada
Excalibur Kennels Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, SWH Dachshund. Keswick ON Canada  
QT Poms Pomeranians Toronto ON Canada
Symarun Pomeranians Thunder Bay ON Canada  
NorthSky Kennels Reg'd Portuguese Water Dog Cambridge ON Canada
Ridgehaven Portuguese Water Dog Fonthill ON Canada  
Keeva Bay Portuguese Water Dogs Portuguese Water Dogs Heidelberg ON Canada
Lunanova Portuguese Water Dogs Cambridge ON New Zealand  
Seabury (reg'd) Portuguese Water Dogs Toronto ON Canada
Skipnstone Kennel Portuguese Water Dogs Cambridge ON Canada  
Pyxis Terriers Rat Terriers and American Hairless Terriers Port Colborne ON Canada
MeiLing Rottweilers Rottweiler Hamilton ON Canada  
Vanderbilt Samoyeds Millbrook ON Canada
Savvy Paws Savannah Cats Toronto ON Canada  
Tamberluck Savannah Servals, Savannahs Carp ON Canada
Symarun Shih Tzu Shuniah ON Canada  
BolshoyDom Siberian cats Ottawa ON Canada
Northrunner Siberian Husky, Labrador Retrievers Havelock ON Canada  
Cantope Reg'd Standard Poodles Pefferlaw ON Canada
Sugar Bear Tibetan Mastif Tibetan mastif and bulldogs Canfield ON Canada  
Rincen Reg'd Tibetan Spaniel Winchester ON Canada
Ahkama Tibetan Terriers Tibetan Terriers and Briards Caledon East ON Canada  
Cullen's Toy Poodles Brantford ON Canada
Malonewillers Weimaraner Mulmur ON Canada  
Gaspat Whippet North York ON Canada
Wunder Whippets Whippets Kitchener ON Canada  
Paradiselee Yorkshire Terriers St Catharines ON Canada
Lyne Gagné Jack Russell Terriers QC Canada  
Prairiebaby Maine Coons and Havanese dogs
Heaven Sent Biewers
Prairiebaby Maine Coons and Havanese dogs Fowler ON Canada
Casryn Kennels Belgian Malinois Acton ON Canada  


New to Raw? Looking for more information on raw feeding. Here is some links to articles written by breeders, veterinarians and long-time raw feeders.

We love Dog’s Naturally and regularly promote their articles and magazine online and in our store.
Here’s a great start to learning more about raw diets.

50 of the MOST common asked questions regarding raw feeding.

Give Your Dog A Bone – Ian Billinghurst
Grow Your Pup with Bones – Ian Billinghurst
Canine Nutrition & Choosing the Best Food for your Breed of Dog – William D. Cusick

The Nature of Animal Healing – Martin Goldstein, DVM
The Holistic Guide for Healthy Dogs – Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown, DVM

Puppy Packs

Breeder Bundle

Introducing the Big Country Raw Breeder Bundle.

As breeders ourselves we know just how important it is to provide your breeding dams, dogs and puppies with a high quality diet. Offering a biologically appropriate raw food diet will give your pregnant dams the nutrients they need to successfully carry, whelp, nurse and raise a healthy litter of puppies. The long-term health benefits of offering a raw food diet to your puppies is also important to the success of your breeding program.

The following 3 FACTORS are what most breeders consider when choosing a diet for their kennel.

Number 1 – Cost

Raw food is costly. Maintaining the high level of quality you require from your raw food diet means higher costs. Obtaining good quality meats can also be time consuming when it requires you to travel great distances for “deals” on raw food. Even more important is ensuring the quality and safety of these raw food sources.

Number 2 – Complete and Balanced

Ensuring the correct ratio’s of calcium & phosphorus, and knowing the meal plans contains the necessary minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids for optimal health can be difficult especially when you have puppies, growing young adults and pregnant dams to feed. Having the peace of mind of knowing your food choices contain the correct ratios and is a complete and balanced diet for dogs of all life stages offers great peace of mind.

Number 3 - Convenience

Making your own raw food can be time consuming and messy. It’s also a lot of work to portion out bulk deals and repackage into more convenient portions. Driving to pickup orders from various suppliers is also costly and time consuming

The Big Country Breeder Bundle is the PERFECT solution for you!!

Designed by a Breeder for Breeders, the Breeder Bundle is nearly 300 lbs of premium ground raw meals for and incredible low price!
Price includes FREE Delivery!\ Big Country Raw Breeder Bundle contains the following:

    • 96 lbs Breeder Blend
    • 96 lbs Chicken Dinner
    • 48 lbs Beef Dinner
    • 48 lbs Turkey Dinner
    Available in our 16 lb Breeder Totes for $499.00. You pay just $1.73 per lb!!

    Have small dogs? We have a solution for you as well!
    Purchase the Breeder Bundle for small breeds and get the Bundle packaged in convenient 4 lb containers and in our fine grind for $549.00. You pay just $1.83 per lb!

    Terms & Conditions:

    This great deal is limited to:
    • Breeders
    • Kennels
    • Rescue Organizations
    To order your Breeder Bundle you MUST be registered with Big Country Raw. Click here to complete and online registration.

    Upon completion of your Breeder Registration Form you will receive an email with COUPON CODES to use toward purchases with Big Country Raw. You must use this COUPON CODE to purchase the Breeder Bundle for this advertised price of just $479.00 (plus hst). Regular retail price is $744.00

    • All items in the Breeder Bundle are simply labeled and NOT for Resale.
    • Product comes in 16 lb breeder totes. Sorry no substitutions.
    • FREE Delivery is limited to area’s within Southwestern Ontario and BCR’s Home Delivery area.
    • Delivery outside of Southwestern Ontario or BCR’s Home Delivery area can be arranged via 3rd party courier. Shipping costs will be quoted. (Approximate cost for area’s within Ontario & Quebec is $100.00)
    • Not for sale to retailers/wholesalers/distributors of Big Country Raw Ltd.

    We LOVE Referrals

    Love this Deal?? Want to receive even more of a discount? Share this with breeder friends and colleagues to receive $100.00 OFF your NEXT Breeder Bundle purchase.

    Simply send us the Name, Kennel Name, and Email Address of a friend that you shared or recommended the Breeder Bundle to. When they place their first order we will send you a $100.00 store credit that you can use toward your next Breeder Bundle purchase!